About The INTWINE Saga


My name is Christina Moss and I’m an American author.  INTWINE is a contemporary young adult, science fiction/adventure series which has reach Amazon’s #1 Best Sellers List for Science Fiction/Adventure. To purchase my titles visit my Amazon author page here: http://www.amazon.com/Christina-Moss/e/B009MLL44Y

The story is set in the known galaxy and takes place on Earth, outer space and on a fictitious planet called Artigun. Some of the Earth locations include Los Angeles and Burbank California, Boston, Boston’s North End, Cambridge and Shelburne, Massachusetts, Wales, England and Sri Lanka.

This original series is told mainly through the eyes of a young artist named Juliet Greenmoss, but I have included brief viewpoint shifts to help illuminate the story line.

There are extant references in various religious texts and other ancient writings which indicate that men of Earth once lived nearly 1000 years. It is this legend that sparked the idea for my story. I asked myself, “What a great idea! What if man once lived to be well over 900 years old? What could have possibly happened?” From there my imagination ran wild.

Juliette is an average high school student with typical teenage problems, but after befriending a dog and the boy he belongs to, her life changes suddenly and drastically. She soon finds herself burdened with problems and adventures far beyond not only her home town and high school life, but well beyond the scope of Earth and the known galaxy. Her ultimate goal is to discover, if she can, why humans on the planet Artigun (home of her love interest, Seth Morrison) continue to have a life expectancy of over 900 years while their actual descendants, Earth humans, suffer accelerated aging with a life expectancy of only 80 years. Along the way Juliette discovers crazy secrets lurking in the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. Intwine is filled with modern day fun, deadly adversaries, colorful characters and old fashioned sci-fi adventures. Originally penned for a female young-adult audience, today INTWINE has successfully crossed-over to an adult audience. Fans of the series are of both sexes and range in age from ten to eighty years old.

Some key topics touched upon in the series are extraterrestrial life, DNA, Art, Music, Rock Bands, Kings and Queens, Alien Life Forms, Alternate Energy Sources, Space Travel, Interstellar Politics, Human Trafficking, Buddha, Leonardo Da Vinci, New and Fictitious Technologies, Character Names, and Locations.

Young Adult/Science Fiction/Adventure
This series is not recommended for anyone under 13 years of age.
Science Fiction – Strong
Young Adult/Adult crossover – Yes
Adventure – Strong
Violence – Strong
Weapons – Strong
Sex – Mild
Drugs – Mild
Profanity- Mild

The four novels in this series, in order, are titled:
4) INVIRAL (forthcoming)

I hope you enjoy the series! Feel free to contact me using the “contact” link at the top right corner of my website.

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